At this time, all of our author slots for IBF19 are filled. We are accepting sign-ups for our wait list; in the event that an author has to cancel his/her attendance, we will contact the next author on the wait list to offer him/her the spot.

Filling out the registration form does not mean you are invited to sign at the event; it merely indicates your interest in doing so.​

When filling out the form, *please* give us an email that you check frequently, as we will send your invitation there if/when you are selected.

If you do not respond within seven (7) days, we will remove from the list and move on to the next listing. Thank you.




Sponsoring Authors

Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra


Lisa Hughey April C. Royer


AL Awtrey Kathleen Lopez Victoria Saccenti
Judith A. Barrett Melissa Lummis HD Smith/Sloane Savage
Barbara Cutrera Sherrie Lea Morgan Kevin Tumlinson
MD Cooper Carrie Pack Carrie L Wells
Mia Ellas LE Perez T. M. Witko
John Hope C.L. Roman
Violet Howe Stacey Rourke

Signing Authors

Pamela Ackerson Gina Ferguson TK Lawyer Cassidy K. O’Connor  Jennifer Siddoway
April Alieda Rene Folsom Evelyn Lederman Jana Oliver Elisabeth Staab
Jacquelyn Ayres Ceci Giltenan Marie Long Kimberley O’Malley Juli Valenti
Linzi Baxter Miranda Hardy Erica Gerald Mason J. Nichole Parkins AC Vazquez
Tyra Burton Arielle Haughee Jerry McDaniel Valerie Puri Becca Vincenza
Melissa Carty Lynda Haviland Scott Meehan Genevieve Raas Carolyn M. Walker
Zachary Chopchinski Elizabeth Horton-Newton Julie Morgan Tracie Roberts Winnie Winkle
Alex Clark Lisa Hughey Kiki Meyer Elizabeth Schechter Gary Zeiger
Robbie Cox Breezy Jones Robin Nutter Theresa Sederholt Joshua Zepess
Adrienne Dunning Edward R. Laden Kira Nyte Ainsley Shay
Angela Dunham  Paige Lavoie
Kerry Evelyn